Photographe nature


Nature is an infinite source of energy, it is synonymous with well-being and purity. Bring nature into your home.

Professional nature photographer, I share with you my experiences in nature and I give you my tips to improve your photo technique


Do you dream of adventure? Go with me to the heart of wildlife on photo trips to the four corners of the globe.


PONGO, a book to learn everything about orangutans but also contribute directly to their protection.


La nature est une source d’énergie infinie, elle est synonyme de bien être et de pureté. Faites entrer la nature chez vous.


Vous rêvez d'aventure ? Partez avec moi au cœur de la vie sauvage sur des voyages photo aux quatre coin du globe.


PONGO, un livre pour tout apprendre sur les Orangs-outans mais aussi contribuer directement à leur protection.

Photographe de nature professionnel, je partage avec vous mes expériences au cœur de la vie sauvage et je vous livre mes astuces pour améliorer votre technique photo


A selection of my best nature photos that will make you travel and discover the wonderful biodiversity of our planet.

Livre sur les orangs-outans

à la rencontre des orangs-outans

An exciting, informative and committed book on orangutans and their conservation.

The result of several years of work in the forests of Indonesia in contact with wild orangutans, this book aims to amaze you through the fascinating life of our closest cousins.

This species so close to us is unfortunately in danger of extinction, this book will give you the keys to understanding the threats that weigh on them and their forests, as well as reflections on the actions to be taken to save them from decline.

Livre orang-outan

C’est un livre merveilleux ! Je le recommande à tous ceux qui aiment les animaux, la Nature et veulent soutenir une belle cause.

Eugénie Gautier

Take the journey with me !

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Discover a selection of my most beautiful photos in fine art print ready to be hung at home.

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Maxime Aliaga
Canon Europe Ambassador
ILCP Associate Fellow
Leofoto Ambassador





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