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Sharing documented stories with powerfull pictures on science and preservation of nature is a priority for me. The purpose of this work and to raise awareness among the general public about the beauty of our nature but also its fragility and its conservation issues.

Seychelles : Nature "Success story" Conservation - SEYCHELLES The Seychelles archipelago is a terrestrial paradise for humans who enjoy these magnificent landscapes but also for the wildlife who live there. A true jewel of the Indian Ocean, composed by a very rich and unique biodiversity but very sensitive. Fortunately, actions to conserve this prestine nature have saved some species from extinction. In this article I tell you about one of those "Success stories" of nature preservation that I followed in this white sand paradise. Read more Birds study in Papua New Guinea Science - PAPUA NEW GUINEA Dive with me in immersion in the Papuan lands where for 4 months I assisted researchers who studied a small endemic bird: the White shouldered Fairy Wren (Malurus alboscapulatus). Discover with me how we scientifically study a bird population in this remote and fascinating land at the end of the world. An adventure at the edge of our world... Read more How to study a bird in tropical rainforest Science - COSTA RICA An adventure in the heart of Costa Rica’s moist rainforest where for several months I attended an American researcher studying a small bird: the Chesnut backed Antbird (Myrmeciza Exsul). Video traps to study predation in nests, capture in mist nets and bird banding are all techniques that allow us a better understanding of the way of life of small bird so we can better protect them. I’ll tell you all about it in this article. Read more The Andean condor: A legend in danger Conservation - ECUADOR Myths and legends have made the Andean Condor an iconic animal of South America. Unfortunately, like all the vultures species in the world, it is in danger of extinction. In Ecuador, for example, there are only a few hundred individuals left. I followed the work of a local NGO: the Jocotoco Foundation, which dedicate their work for the conservation of the Andean condors in the Ecuadorian mountains. In this article I tell you the story of this magnificent bird and the people who work for its preservation. Read more New discoverd specie of Orangutan : The Tapanuli Conservation - INDONESIA On November 3, 2017, a new bomb hit the scientific community. While we thought that there were only two species of orangutan on the planet: the Borneo orangutan and the Sumatra orangutan, a third species: the Tapanuli orangutan is described in the official journal of the "current biology". I was lucky enough to be one of the first animal photographer to meet this mysterious great monkey in the Batang-Toru forest in Sumatra. I invit you to follow me in my journey... Read more Save the Chocó Rainforest Conservation - ECUADOR In the Chocó Darien eco-region, between northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, there is one of the last tropical forests on the Pacific side. These forests isolated from the Amazon by the Andes range are home to species that are not found anywhere else. Unfortunately, deforestation is raging and only 10% of the original forest remains. On the spot, an association works hand in hand with the local communities to try to save this treasure of life and the results are encouraging. Read more

Preserving nature: a no-brainer

Protecting and preserving nature has become obvious. So many animals on the brink of extinction because of our ignorance, our way of life and our passivity... Conservation is first and foremost a man’s story ready to take charge of his destiny to protect and preserve our natural environnment.

Know to better protect

Protecting the ecosystems and the species who lives among them requires knowledge. Scientists around the world are trying to understand the natural world who surround us. All this knowledge allows us to better understand conservation issues in order to propose appropriate responses and preserve the life in all it form.

Commitment through action

Specialised conservation organisations and NGOs dedicate themselves with unwavering motivation and optimism to preserve our Natural world. They sudy the issues with scientist, and take direct actions integrating the local communities. They make a real difference on the field to protect the wildlife and the people living next to them.

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