Scientific expedition in Papua new guinea

The white shouldered fairy wren

Papua New Guinea, a unique territory

New Guinea is a fascinating territory both because of its culture and because of its extravagant and unique flora and fauna. Resolutely isolated from the rest of the world, it has kept all its authenticity and remains relatively preserved. Refuge for birds of paradise, extraordinary birds both for their appearance and for their loving parade, Papua is a true paradise for the ornithologists.

Study of an endemic bird

As a wildlife technician, I was fortunate to spend four months as a field assistant on a scientific study in Milne Bay province on the southern tip of the country. Working for an American phd student, we followed and studied a small endemic bird, the White Shouldered Fairy wren (Malurus alboscapulatus). The purpose of this study was to collect the most demographic and anatomical data on this territorial bird living in tall grass. To study it in detail, they had to be threaded and banded with coloured rings.

Close to the local population

In addition to the scientific study, the project took on a social dynamic by integrating some village residents into the research team. We also made presentations in schools to educate children about the richness of their environment and the need to preserve it. It was a real success that enabled the local people to get involved in the project and take ownership of the preservation of their ecosystems.

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